Following the fruitful partnership between NO-NAIL BOXES and Solarcells, which we discussed earlier this year, installers are very enthusiastic and satisfied. Indeed, these professionals, at the heart of the production and installation chain of solar panels, are now the first witnesses of the benefits of this collaboration focused on sustainability and quality.

Aware of the current environmental challenges, installers unanimously applaud the initiative of Solarcells and NO-NAIL BOXES to prioritize 100% reusable packaging. Not only do these packages meet the strictest safety standards, but they also embody an ecological approach, in perfect alignment with the growing environmental values of both companies.

For installers, the folding crates from NO-NAIL BOXES are not just containers. They represent a real quality guarantee. Designed to withstand the rigors of transportation and storage, they ensure optimal protection of solar panels while simplifying logistical operations.

In conclusion, this partnership between NO-NAIL BOXES and Solarcells goes far beyond the scope of a mere commercial collaboration. It embodies a real change, where ecology and quality go hand in hand.

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