NO-NAIL BOXES considers its workers’ well-being

Well-being at work has become essential for companies today. They are increasingly more involved in improving working conditions, combating stress and promoting well-being at work. Within the framework of its CSR policy, NO-NAIL BOXES is striving continuously to...

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95% customised, deadlines met and satisfied customers

Through its CSR approach, NO-NAIL BOXES cares for the environment just as it cares about the quality of its products, the well-being of its personnel, the safety of its workers and the users of its collapsible plywood boxes. In this grand equation, we cannot leave out...

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100% recyclable packaging!

As producers of responsible packaging, sustainable development in general and particularly recycling are key concerns for NO-NAIL BOXES. Not only has the company implemented a programme on waste prevention, management and reduction internally, but the collapsible...

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When quality goes hand in hand with safety

Health and safety are an integral part of NO-NAIL BOXES’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach. For many years, the company has had in place a series of measures for effectively managing workplace health and safety. A policy that improves not only employee...

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Testimonial: “e-order, a tool of our times”

In our last newsletter, we discussed the launch of our online ordering site. NO-NAIL BOXES decided to develop its own e-order site to simplify the lives of its customers. The company REI, based in Sargé-sur-Braye, in the Loir-et-Cher in France, offers...

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Change in the regulations on the ISPM15 standard

Dear Customers, NO-NAIL BOXES would like to inform you that US regulations concerning penalties for non-compliance with standard ISPM15 changed as of 1 November 2017! From this day onwards, shipments that do not comply with ISPM15 (in particular the absence or lack of...

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Spotlight on our sales department

France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, etc. NO-NAIL BOXES are sold throughout Europe. To ensure these sales, our sales department works non-stop. Today, the department employs six people. Who are they? What do they do? Let’s discover this department! NO-NAIL...

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Technology supporting greater safety

NO-NAIL BOXES, like the ALIPA Group, is currently experiencing a veritable digital transition. While it is very present in our offices, it is also being implemented in our shop! New technologies enable us to gain a little more productivity, safety and product quality...

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New names and greater improvement for our boxes

For greater clarity, to facilitate our customers’ selection and to simplify navigation on our new website, we decided to change the names of our boxes on the basis of three categories: EXBOX (formerly the NO-NAIL type boxes), ISIBOX and CLIP BOX. The ISIBOX didn’t...

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