ISIBOX 61 – Reusable boxes

Robust, the ISIBOX 61 allows you to transport up to 1 tonne. It is light, can be re-used numerous times, and is easy to assemble and handle. Like all our collapsible plywood boxes, it can be easily recycled.
Do you need to package large volumes? Call us. For loose goods, opt for the RIBOX.

Also available without a pallet!


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Like all our collapsible plywood boxes, the ISIBOX 61 is:

  • Delivered and stored flat
  • Solid: Highly resistant to falls and stacking
  • Can be made to measure starting at 25 units
  • Complies with the ISPM 15 standard
  • Suitable for all types of transport (air-land-sea)
  • Available in stock for standard dimensions
  • Can be personalised (markings, handles, packing material, etc.)
  • Designed with a pallet suitable for the box and its contents

Technical description

Delivered in three parts that can be handled separately and are light, ergonomic and compact for the operator.


  • Deck and tracks made of wood or plywood
  • 2 or 4-way entry


  • 5, 6 or 8 mm plywood
  • Galvanised steel corner pieces


  • 5, 6 or 8 mm plywood
  • Interior wooden or plywood reinforcements


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