Our video tutorials

Discover our tutorial videos to understand the different assembly steps and to ensure an easy, quick and safe assembly

The assembly of a pallet-box ISIBOX 61/P4

The reusable collapsible pallet-boxes ISIBOX 61/P4 are solid, light, can be re-used numerous times and most of all very easy to assemble.

The assembly of an ISIBOX66

​The ISIBOX 66 is highly resistant to drops, stacking and challenging transport conditions. It is light, easy to assemble and comfortable to handle. Like all our folding plywood boxes, it can be easily recycled.

To close the box, you only need one tool! No need of nails or straps, the steel tabs are sufficient to close the box.

The assembly of a EUROBOX 61

Specially designed to reuse Europallets, the EUROBOX 61 enables the creation of a complete box by adding just two elements: walls and a top. Lighter and more ergonomic than a pallet collar, this folding box is quick and easy to assemble. It can easily be closed by screwing, nailing or strapping.

Win of space

The folding boxes made of plywood and steel from NO-NAIL BOXES are supplied flat. Discover the win of space in storage and in transport you can make thanks the NO-NAIL BOXES collapsible boxes… Impressive!

The assembly of an EXBOX export box

The EXBOX collapsible plywood export box is easy to assemble. The lightness of the plywood makes it easy to handle, allow you to economize on work force and contributes to the safety of your handlers.

The assembly of a CLIP BOX with steel clips

The reusable box CLIP BOX made by NO-NAIL BOXES is easy to assemble with steel clips. Plywood pallet box reinforced with wooden frames and steel clips. Thanks to its closing system, it can be re-used many times.

The assembly of a CLIP-BOX with nails

The CLIP BOX made by NO-NAIL BOXES makes it easier to package cumbersome products up to 5 tonnes. It can be closed with screws or nails.

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