Hazardous materials packed in collapsible plywood boxes? It’s exactly the solution NO-NAIL BOXES has come up with. We offer collapsible boxes made from plywood and steel. For more than 55 years, we’ve been sharing our expertise with the defence and security industry. It’s a sector where discretion and confidentiality are essential.

Regardless of what needs to be packaged (hazardous materials, high-value products, etc.), we evaluate every project and offer customised packaging adapted to our clients’ products.

A collapsible plywood box is highly resistant – yet three times lighter than a traditional wooden box. The combination of steel and plywood gives it heavy-duty strength. The box is designed in one piece, making it highly resistant to drops and stacking. The lightness of the plywood also reduces costs related to shipping.

Army-coloured boxes

NO-NAIL BOXES: Army-coloured boxes

We also offer closing devices (hasps, Velcro, etc.) that allow the boxes to be reused. For increased security, the boxes can be sealed. It’s also possible to add handling accessories like ergonomic carrying straps and metal handles.

Several customisations suited for the defence and security sector are available in a wide array of colours: RAL + RAL NATO 6014 – 6031 + infrared paint (PIR). Our collapsible boxes can also be customised with logo printing, pictograms, sequential marking, etc.

Guaranteed discretion

ISO 9001 and 14001 certified, amongst other things, our company holds several credentials in the defence and security sector. In an industry where discretion and confidentiality are essential, we work in the best interest of product development, limiting the disclosure of information to those with a legitimate need to know. To protect against cyber threats, we have also implemented cybersecurity measures to guarantee information safety and data protection.

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