In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the law makes it mandatory for employers to take all necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of workers on the workplace. In the industrial sector, packaging is a vital logistics step. NO-NAIL BOXES provides a packaging solution contributing to the health and safety of staff.

A collapsible plywood box by @NO-NAIL BOXES is 3x lighter than a traditional wooden box. The lightness of the plywood makes it easy to handle. What’s more, our boxes are easy to assemble, improving safety for your staff.

“When a box is full, it can become difficult for the operator to handle it due to its weight, or because it is cumbersome. Sometimes, handling conditions make using a forklift impossible. So, there are several customised accessories (handles, ‘hand holes’, pliable textile handles) for manual handling that is safe both for the handler and for the contents of the box,” says Boris REMY, Sales Manager.


Preventing MSDs

The NO-NAIL BOXES packaging solutions make it possible to prevent musculoskeletal disorders  (MSDs). Since it mostly produces tailor-made boxes (95%), the company can develop packaging providing easy access to products.

For protecting the health of staff and ensuring they have an ergonomic posture at work, NO-NAIL BOXES can offer boxes that, for example, have a removable front panel (adjacent photo). An operator can easily load and package the product inside the box. Once the product is on a pallet, all that is needed is to assemble the box around it.

Among its range of plywood collapsible boxes, NO-NAIL BOXES offers a large array of packaging solutions protecting the health and safety of workers. In this way, one can tackle the vital logistics step of packaging in full safety.

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