Meet the NO-NAIL BOXES sales team

The products of NO-NAIL BOXES are used all over Europe: France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, etc. Behind this success is a dedicated and dynamic sales team. Today, the sales department consists of eight members who work tirelessly to meet our customers’ needs.

The Sales strategy of NO-NAIL BOXES

NO-NAIL BOXES aims to be the preferred supplier for custom-made foldable plywood boxes, ensuring product integrity and safety. Of the 500,000 boxes produced every year, 95% are designed according to the specific needs of the customers. To maintain close contact with them, our sales team regularly visits customers and invites them to discover our facilities in Wiltz. “Knowing our customers is essential. That’s why our external salespeople frequently meet with them, and we gladly welcome them to our production workshops,” explains Boris Remy, Sales Director.

Service organization

Markets are divided according to geographic and linguistic criteria.
👉 Boris REMY: Sales Manager
👉 Michael FRANZEN: Germany, Luxembourg
👉 Sophie GUILLAUME: France & Belgium (FR)
👉 Joe REINERS: Germany & Switzerland
👉 Karin DE GREEF: Netherlands & Belgium (NL)
👉 Guillaume HOUBA: France (Northeast) & Export
👉 Christophe AHUIR: France
👉 Saskia Boonstra: Germany & Luxembourg

Efficient collaboration

Our team, composed of internal and external salespeople, works in pairs to ensure continuous service. “It’s real teamwork. When the external salespeople are on the move, the internal staff handle the follow-up. This allows us to guarantee a quick response within 24 to 48 hours,” emphasizes Boris Remy.

Exemplary Customer Service

With diverse language skills, a proactive sales approach, and a commitment to customer service, our team is perfectly organized to continue making NO-NAIL BOXES prosper.

For more information about our solutions and our team, feel free to contact us or visit our facilities in Wiltz.

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