This year, NO-NAIL BOXES celebrates its 60th anniversary. Yes! Our company has already been manufacturing plywood folding boxes for the European industry in Luxemburg for 60 years.

2021 is indeed an anniversary for NO-NAIL BOXES in many ways. The plywood folding box was created in 1921 and is therefore celebrating its 100th anniversary. NO-NAIL BOXES was founded in 1961 and is celebrating its 60th anniversary. Sixty years of work, innovation, solutions, men and women, employees, customers and partners, who have contributed to making us what we are today: Suppliers of plywood folding boxes for the industry, guaranteeing the safety of goods and people.

This video, shot for the occasion, illustrates the result of these 60 years of experience and gives you an overview of the various services offered by NO-NAIL BOXES!

No-Nail Boxes logo print version