Created in 1951, the SEILA (Syndicat de l’Emballage Industriel et de la Logistique Associée) is a French branch representative for industrial packaging and the associated logistics. It federates industrial packaging professionals on a European level. About forty members give their time and skills in the different committees. The members of SEILA, by the complementarity of their professions and thanks to the exchanges that membership of the Representative enables them to offer their customers a wide range of packaging solutions, logistics and associated services. Its 3 categories of members (approved packers who provide industrial packaging services; affiliated box manufacturers who produce wooden boxes and wood derivatives, and correspondent manufacturers who offer products and services related to industrial packaging and box manufacturers) uniting a preserved know-how, enable the products to be safely transported worldwide. SEILA’s industrial packers and box manufacturers base themselves on the reference frame issued by SEILA and recognized by industrialists and insurance companies, the Technical Specifications of Packaging Methods for Industrial Materials and Various Applications. These good practices thus ensure the protection of the goods entrusted in the transport cycle.

Member of SEILA since the beginning of the millennium as an affiliated box manufacturer, NO-NAIL BOXES benefits in particular from the professional recognition as a manufacturer of custom-made boxes and pallets. But it also intervenes in one of its five commissions within the framework of the Technical Office. In what way does this membership and involvement in one of the commissions have a real impact for the company in particular and more generally for the ecosystem of the packaging sector?

The SEILA, the inevitable branch representative for industrial packaging and the associated logistics

With 70 years of existence, SEILA represents today (2019/2020 data):

  • 133 French and European companies (Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Italy)
  • ≈ 735 million Euros in revenues
  • ≈ 6950 jobs

It is the only branch representative dedicated to industrial packaging professionals and is one of the three French representatives that make up the “Pôle Emballage Bois”, under the aegis of the National Interprofessional Association of the forest-wood sector, together with the light wooden packaging trade association SIEL and the national federation of wood pallet manufacturers FNB/SYPAL. NO-NAIL BOXES, as a manufacturer of custom-made plywood folding boxes, is one of the affiliated box manufacturers. We work closely with industrial packers and actively participate in the technical work. For this reason, SEILA has a Technical Office, subdivided into three technical expertise commissions:

  1. Industrial packaging and technical specifications
  2. Audit and control of the two brands (SEI and SEILA)
  3. Wood and materials

Composed of the best technicians and engineers from the member companies, the industrial packaging technical office is the real cornerstone of SEILA. Its role is in particular to ensure the application of the technical specifications of the packaging of industrial materials and its updating, as well as the technical sheets for the members.

Our involvement within SEILA

Philippe Winkin, in charge of the production at No-Nail Boxes, investments, buildings and security at AllPack Services and administrator at WaluPack Services is a member of the Wood and Materials Commission, whose mission is to provide members with information on wood, its derivatives and other materials.

WaluPack Services, an industrial packaging company that is part of the Alipa Group with No-Nail Boxes and Allpack Services, is also a member of SEILA as an SEI approved packer. This is a registered trademark that only members who have successfully passed the approval audits and periodic visits can use. This trademark certifies that the packaging on which it is fixed is made according to the Technical Specifications, which guarantee the preservation of the industrial goods entrusted and the associated responsibility.

Very active in the wood and materials commission, our expert Philippe Winkin ensures that the wooden boxes produced by NO-NAIL BOXES can remain in the reference specifications for the professional manufacturing of packaging. Indeed, many European companies and clients have chosen to reference their technical specifications for the packaging of their industrial materials at SEILA. The specifications are regularly reviewed.

In addition, Philippe actively contributes every quarter to the edition of the SEIL’indices. This publication reserved to members gives the trends of raw material prices for the manufacture of packaging boxes. Indeed, elements such as wood and particle boards have an impact of 45 and 55% on the price of a service. It is therefore a reference document that makes it possible to explain possible price variations to customers in a transparent manner.

Finally, among his major implications within the commission, Philippe is involved in questions of legislation on the treatment of materials and phytosanitary standards, including the famous ISPM 15 standard. The treatment protocols are regularly updated and this information is regularly transmitted to the SEILA members.

A Partnership of Excellence

If the sanitary situation allows it, the next SEILA GA will take place this year in June in Luxembourg. It is an important meeting because foresight, progress and innovation can only be made with the best specialists, who are active on the ground. The SEILA, a professional branch representative of reference, by integrating business experts in its various committees, goes beyond the simple dimension of lobbying to accompany its members in a demanding and vigilant approach to their business processes, with reference specifications and trademarks guaranteeing compliant and secure services. It is in this sense that our made-to-measure plywood folding boxes are fully in line with the specifications for industrial equipment packaging. This to be as close as possible to our customers’ needs: quality, efficiency, safety, responsibility.

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