NO-NAIL BOXES is proud to present the newest arrival to its range of folding boxes in plywood and steel for the industry: a folding box that adapts to fit Euro pallets – the EUROBOX 61.

Specially designed to reuse Euro pallets, the EUROBOX 61 enables the creation of a complete box by adding just two elements: a lining and a top. Lighter and more ergonomic than a pallet collar, this folding box is quick and easy to assemble.

We took the test! Discover in this video the mounting of a box with a pallet collar and the EUROBOX 61:

Like the entire range of NO-NAIL BOXES folding plywood boxes, the EUROBOX 61 is made to measure and thus reduces storage and transport costs. Depending on the size of your products, you can also adjust the height of your boxes from 200 to 1,250 mm.

The box is fully customizable, which enables you to print logos, pictograms, numbers or other information on it.

No-Nail Boxes logo print version