In our last newsletter, we discussed the launch of our online ordering site. NO-NAIL BOXES decided to develop its own e-order site to simplify the lives of its customers.

The company REI, based in Sargé-sur-Braye, in the Loir-et-Cher in France, offers solutions of industrial packaging with wooden interiors. They were the first NO-NAIL BOXES customer to have placed their order via this platform. Their director, Arnaud Pion, is rather satisfied: “It’s a pretty handy tool! I have direct access to the list of products I have already ordered. At first, it was difficult to find my way around because all the products were sorted by code. But NO-NAIL BOXES was able to respond to our demands. Now our products are ordered according to the name of our customers!

In addition to an archive that groups together all the orders you have already placed, you are constantly informed of the progress of your order. For example, you can find out if your boxes have already been made in our shop or if they are in the process of being delivered.

I find this site pretty well done, I even have access to statistics! I can know how many plywood boxes I bought and for what amount. There is even a breakdown by type of box, so I can know which box I buy the most. It is truly a modern tool, a tool of our times”, states Arnaud Pion.

For NO-NAIL BOXES, the trend is to go digital and this e-order site is one of its numerous implementations within our Group. We want to simplify the lives of our customers and we want our services to be the best suited to your expectations. Interested in this tool? Contact your technical adviser today!

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