The digital transformation has had a significant impact on the production workshop of NO-NAIL BOXES over the past three years, replacing paper-based processes with modern digital systems. The aim was to remain competitive and efficient.

The end of paper-based work orders

The completion of the digitization process is in sight, as several departments are now equipped with tablets. This transition is not only a modernization but necessary to ensure the accuracy, consistency, and timeliness of information. The use of paper often led to incomplete or outdated information and thus technical difficulties.

The benefits of tablets

The introduction of tablets has revolutionized workflows in the workshops of NO-NAIL BOXES. Real-time access to planning allows team members to perform their tasks more effectively. Color-coded plans, precise measurements, detailed packaging and printing information, and instantly accessible data sheets have made processes more transparent and efficient.

Significant progress in time tracking

Significant progress has also been made in the time tracking system. Workers can now select their tasks and enter their names via tablets, providing the entire team with a better overview of ongoing and completed tasks.

Further challenges and future projects

Despite the many advantages of digitization, some industries, such as that of profiling machines, continue to use paper for the traceability of steel profiles. However, a transition to scannable labels has already begun. NO-NAIL BOXES continues its progress towards complete digitization and is in the final phase of the package geolocation project. This project aims to improve the traceability and logistical management of packages leaving the two panel saws.

Testimonial from Daniel, operator at NO-NAIL BOXES:

“The transition to digitization was inevitable, but after working here for almost 18 years, the transition was anything but easy. Initially, I encountered resistance as it required more time and effort. Over time, however, the benefits for the company became evident. Every day brings new changes and adjustments that need to be made, but I am convinced that this will contribute to optimizing our operations. In particular, I am excited about geolocation, which promises to be a real asset in saving time and energy for all employees.”

In summary, the digitization of NO-NAIL BOXES workshops has ushered in a new era in industrial manufacturing. It offers more efficient, precise, and transparent processes and marks a transition into the future where innovation and technology serve quality and customer satisfaction.

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