We are thrilled to welcome a new member to the NO-NAIL BOXES team! León, a final year student in International Business Management  in Ghent, is joining us as an intern for a period of three months.

His mission? To immerse himself in the dynamic universe of NO-NAIL BOXES and gain experience alongside our teams.

León will have the opportunity to work alongside Karin, our Dutch-speaking sales representative. Together, they will participate in various trade shows and professional fairs, such as ESEF in Utrecht, where they will showcase our innovative packaging solutions. This will be the perfect opportunity for León to familiarize himself with the field, understand the needs of our customers, and learn the intricacies of the trade. He will be able to put into practice the theoretical knowledge acquired during his studies and develop essential skills in a professional environment.

At NO-NAIL BOXES, we firmly believe in the importance of supporting young talents and offering them opportunities for growth and learning. We are confident that León will bring a valuable contribution to our team, and we look forward to sharing this experience with him.

We wish León a warm welcome to NO-NAIL BOXES and are certain that he will make the most of this enriching experience!

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