Transporting dangerous goods calls for approved packaging. For more than 55 years, NO-NAIL BOXES has been sharing its expertise with the defence and security industry. We offer a broad range of boxes for dangerous products, approved by an authorised body.

To meet defence and security industry requirements, we offer box accreditation for the transport of dangerous materials and products.

More than 50 approved 4DV (plywood box) models are available, some able to hold up to 400 kg of hazardous material. These boxes comply with the current regulations in effect: ADR for road transport, IATA for air transport and IMDG for maritime transport.

Products approved by an authorised body

We have our own drop-test station for evaluating boxes used to ship regulated materials. The tests are overseen by experts from the IBE (Belgian Packaging Institute), the body that approves the boxes. We also work in collaboration with the major European testing laboratories: BVT Laboratory, LNE (France’s National Laboratory of Metrology and Testing), BAM (Germany’s Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing), etc.

Internationally recognised expertise

Our company is responsible for the overall management of a certification project: research, specifications, production of prototypes that include decoys for drop tests, etc. The design office works on an ongoing basis on the improvement of existing products and on the development of new boxes. It comprises a team of qualified experts.

Our experts are actively involved in several international professional bodies. In France, the engineers and technicians take part in SEILA (Union of Industrial Packaging and Associated Logistics) working groups. In Belgium, we are a member of the IBE. In Luxembourg, through ILNAS (national standards body), our experts work on setting international packaging standards.

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