Packaging is a vital logistics step for all companies which manufacture machinery and equipment. It is not hard to find standard packaging, but things get more complex when it is a matter of finding a packaging solution that perfectly fits your product. In the case of NO-NAIL BOXES, a company specialised in the manufacturing of collapsible boxes in plywood, 95% of its boxes are tailor-made, and its design office deals with the comprehensive management of specific projects.

By mainly producing customised boxes, NO-NAIL BOXES responds to the specific requirements of its customers, thus standing out from the competition, which for 80% make standard boxes. Out of 350,000 collapsible boxes produced annually in the NO-NAIL BOXES workshops, 95% are custom‑built.

“We are able to customise the sizes of our boxes based on the customer’s requirements. And that gives a series of advantages to the customer: the box will be better suited to the product, there will be no need to add any unnecessary cushioning, and the packaging will be lighter and less bulky. This reduces space, material, weight and costs, all at the same time!,” says Boris REMY, Sales Manager.

NO-NAIL BOXES also offers a broad array of customisations, handling accessories, and closing systems. To properly protect products, the company can also provide cushioning material in foam or wood, or straps to fasten your product.


Complex straps designed by design office

Thanks to its design office and 65 years’ experience in the packaging sector, NO-NAIL BOXES is able to manage customised projects from A to Z: developing the 3D modelling of the box based on the 3D design of the customer’s product, being responsible for the overall management of the job specifications and for providing a customised solution.

The cushioning material makes it possible to protect or keep in place the customers’ delicate items. The above picture perfectly illustrates an example of a project developed by the design office. The customer is engaged in the Defence sector. To keep the product in place, the workshop has manufactured two planks, each equipped with cushioning foam and a strap. This box was entirely customised, with orange paint and several accessories: handles, padlocks and a document holder in Plexiglas.

A good example among several ones developed internally by NO-NAIL BOXES. This is a company which stands out from the competition thanks to its service and its customised packaging.

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