For ten years now, NO-NAIL BOXES has been certified as a CSR by the National Institute for Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility. This certification is a recognition of our commitment to respect the three pillars of sustainable development, which are economic viability, social equity and environmental protection.

More recently, last November, ALIPA Group, which includes NO-NAIL BOXES as well as Allpack Services, LIFTEUROP, CODIPRO and Stas, obtained the label “Engagé RSE” (committed to CSR) issued by the French national organization for standardization AFNOR, in line with ISO 26000.

We are going to see what this means in concrete terms.


What is the “Engagé RSE” Label?


ISO 26000 is the only international standard that aims to provide organizations with guidelines for social responsibility. This standard defines the principles, the themes as well as the methods of appropriation and implementation which are necessary for their implementation.

ISO 26000 is based on the respect of major international founding texts such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the conventions of the International Labour Organization. It is thus a common tool, with an international dimension, designed to articulate the company’s approach.


What does this mean in concrete terms?


Governance, environment and working conditions


From an economic point of view, NO-NAIL BOXES is committed to maintaining a healthy financial situation and to respecting the principles of good governance.

From the point of view of working relations and working conditions, the company listens to the wishes of its employees that would be compatible with a better profitability of the company. This is because NO-NAIL BOXES wants to attract quality, competent and motivated employees.

From an environmental point of view, our wooden and plywood folding boxes are environmentally friendly products:

  • By their design
  • By their materials (wood and plywood)
  • By their compliance with the ISPM 15 phytosanitary standard

The company is also committed to the prevention, management and reduction of waste and as such holds the SuperDrecksKëscht® fir Betriber label.


Community and Local Development


In terms of community and local development, NO-NAIL BOXES representatives participate in information days organized by local schools for students. To help young people learn about the world of work, we regularly welcome interns from all levels of education. The staff who supervise them are demanding as to the quality of their work and take care to allow them to discover the realities of the business world: punctuality, careful work, teamwork, professional conscience.



Human rights and fair practices


NO-NAIL BOXES participates, under the leadership of the Luxembourg Ministry of Equal Opportunities, in the program of positive actions in favor of the equality of women and men in the private sector.

Three themes are concerned by these actions: equal treatment, equality in decision-making and equality in the reconciliation of professional and private life.


In April 2016, NO-NAIL BOXES joined the Global Compact, which is the world’s largest social responsibility initiative. It is a United Nations initiative launched in 2000 to encourage companies around the world to adopt a socially responsible attitude by committing to integrate and promote several principles related to human rights, international labor standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption.


Consumer issues


Our customers also become the beneficiaries of this Global Compact membership, with the following benefits:


  • Their respect is part of our commitments
  • The marketing of safe and reliable products, respectful of the environment and the safety of goods and people is ensured
  • Honest and ethical business practices, considering the situation of each customer, are implemented
  • Periodic evaluations of suppliers for quality and their ethical and environmental commitment are carried out
  • Compliance with the highest standards in the areas of safety, health and the environment is in use
  • The boxes ofNO-NAIL BOXES are eco-designed products


Obtaining this ISO 26000 “Engagé RSE” label is part of a global CSR approach initiated more than a decade ago within NO-NAIL BOXES and more widely within ALIPA Group. This result is the sum of a set of initiatives, practices and the combination of numerous certifications and labels such as the Global Compact membership.



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