Since we have been in business, our customer engagement has always been to produce collapsible boxes that are perfectly adapted to their needs. Beyond this know-how, however, there are also a multitude of requirements and preconceptions that make us what we are today: one of the key players in ethical, reusable, recyclable and sustainable packaging.

We provide responsible packaging solutions

Why are our plywood boxes responsible packaging solutions for our customers? Because a No-Nail Boxes shuttle box, for example, is 8 times stronger than a cardboard box, and can be reused up to 200 times under standard conditions of use. Choosing No-Nail Boxes therefore means deliberately opting for a packaging solution that is ideal for logistics loops and for optimizing empty returns, because our boxes are foldable. For the customer, this is thus a gain both economically and ecologically. Furthermore, our boxes are made of 100 % plywood and steel, making them 100% recyclable products: once the materials are separated, the wood can be used to produce heat or electricity, while the steel will begin its second life cycle.

We manufacture made-to-measure boxes

Our customer engagement is also and above all to manufacture boxes that are 95% made to measure, out of an annual production of approximately 450,000 units. Our competitors produce an average of 80 % standard boxes. The advantage of manufacturing boxes totally adapted to the products is to guarantee our customers lighter and less bulky packaging. This saves space, material, weight and money. In addition, many personalizations are possible, such as logo printing. Numerous handling and closing accessories can be added: toggle latches, document holders, velcro closures, handles, etc. Our design office and our technical representatives are available to listen to our customers, for a joint and reasoned handling of the specifications, with the solutions best suited to their needs.

Our delivery times are short and guaranteed

Our mission is also to be able to deliver to our customers a quality product that meets their needs to the letter, including deadlines. Our average delivery time is two weeks. We owe this speed of execution and punctuality in particular to our ability to anticipate and manage stocks of materials for manufacturing our deliverables. Our boxes are also manufactured in Luxembourg, in our workshops based in Wiltz. In this respect, we are labelled “Made in Luxembourg”, independently issued by the Chamber of Commerce or the Chamber of Skilled Trades and Crafts, which assures customers of the Luxembourg origin of products and services.

We are close to our customers

Listening to our customers also means being close to them and meeting them. We regularly participate in international fairs such as the Global Industrie and the leading All4Pack in Paris. We are also present at regional trade fairs such as SEPEM Industries. These are essential events to meet our customers and future customers, to whom we present our know-how, products and novelties.

Thus, our customer engagement is part of a global dynamic that aims to be in line with the needs of our clients. This is our daily challenge, and our activity is carried out in conditions that are both ethical and eco-responsible. We keep in mind that success is above all the combination of know-how and human talent, and that its recognition comes first and foremost from the users who are the end customers.

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