Space is absolute luxury, a great French artist once said[1]. It is obvious that this consideration applies to all areas, be it comfort, aesthetics or optimization.

In the logistics and storage sectors, gaining space is one of the most strategic challenges in terms of efficiency and profitability, especially when it comes to transport.

This is why stacking folding boxes is a real asset: it means that our users, especially in the packaging or logistics sectors, can stack them under transport or storage conditions. Here are a few design secrets that make our folding boxes extremely resistant to stacking.


Stacking resistance of No-Nail Boxes’ folding boxes

All the models of plywood boxes we offer are resistant to stacking up to several tons, depending on the model and assembly conditions. This characteristic allows to optimize, for example, the used space in a container during sea or road shipments.

In practice, this means that our customers can pack products on the first level in folding boxes and stack more goods on a second level. But beware, stacking of folding boxes should not be done without knowledge of the maximum resistance weight in order to avoid accidents or damage. This is how we proceed to guarantee this feature.


We carry out compression tests on our boxes

No stacking should be done without knowledge of the real compression capacity of our boxes. This is why we carry out tests in collaboration with the Belgian Packaging Institute to find out precisely the stacking resistance of our folding boxes. Our pallets are also tested for load distribution, first uniformly, then at two points and then at four points. This makes a total of 60 products, boxes and pallets, which have recently been put through the press. The results of these tests are available on request.

Let’s take one of the flagship models, the ISIBOX 61, a light and compact folding box. Its low thickness with 5 to 6 mm plywood bottoms, lids and walls should not be relied on: this model has indeed been tested with a stacking resistance of 9 tons in static tests. It should be noted that the weight indicated is the collapse load, and it is therefore essential for our users to comply with the maximum stacking load indications, as well as the optimal conditions for load distribution.

From their delivery to their use by our customers, our boxes save storage space. Initially delivered and stored flat, they allow you to save up to 85% of storage space. Then, thanks to their high stacking resistance features, they allow you to optimize the useful space in transport containers. That’s why our folding boxes are a real 2-in-1 solution: saving space and therefore money!


[1] Bertrand Lavier

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