NO-NAIL BOXES, like the ALIPA Group, is currently experiencing a veritable digital transition. While it is very present in our offices, it is also being implemented in our shop! New technologies enable us to gain a little more productivity, safety and product quality every day!

A safety camera

It is thanks to our maintenance service, led by Yves Piront, that we are improving the safety of our machines and the quality of our boxes! On the assembly machine for our ISIBOX boxes, for example (photo opposite), our maintenance unit has perfected the existing safety system to ensure the maximum integrity of our personnel. The operator must now press a safety button to allow his co-worker to operate the press. A camera has also been added. This way, the operator operating the press can view both his co-worker and the proper positioning of the plywood.

Automatic loading at the printing machine

NO-NAIL BOXES offers its customers the possibility to customise their boxes by printing logos, pictograms or other information. To respond to the increased volume in flexographic printing, Yves Piront has devised an automatic loading process using suckers. The design of the project and the mechanical portion were carried out entirely in-house. “We hired a Belgian company for the automation part. Two suckers placed on Cartesian axes are used to automatically load the plywood panels onto the driving table. The latter then pushes the panel under the print roller”, explains Yves Piront, Maintenance Coordinator.

Installation of this robot has improved the productivity and conditions of our staff. “The employee who spent his day loading plywood panels onto the printing machine can now be assigned to other tasks, which means less strain for his back”, says Yves Piront.

These are two concrete examples for improving safety and regularity in the production quality of our folding boxes within our shop, all thanks to new technologies.

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