Recently, we have seen that among the criteria for efficiency in logistics loops, space saving plays a major role. The stacking resistance of our boxes makes it possible to optimize their storage in a containers and warehouses, while minimizing both costs and environmental impact. Most of our boxes are reusable, foldable and recyclable: At NO-NAIL BOXES, these features are our top priorities.

High performing folding shuttle boxes

Choosing No-Nail Boxes therefore means deliberately opting for perfect empty returns. In fact, our plywood and steel boxes are foldable. Thus, delivered and stored flat, they save up to 85 % of storage space. In addition, there is the weight advantage: our folding boxes are about 2 to 3 times lighter than a wooden box of the same size. This weight saving has an impact on shipping costs but also on the space available inside the box: the wooden sections used are certainly thinner, but save up to 16 % of useful space.

Products with a strong brand image and low environmental impact

Using our folding boxes also means committing to a sustainable and eco-responsible approach. Because a NO-NAIL BOXES shuttle box, for example, is 8 times more resistant than a cardboard box, and can be reused up to 200 times under standard conditions of use. A NO-NAIL BOXES shuttle box can thus replace up to 50 non-returnable packages.

Our boxes are used to package high value products. Because of their material and personalizations, they also strengthen the brand image of our customers.

Our boxes are completely made of plywood and steel, which makes them 100% recyclable products: once the materials are separated, the wood can be used to produce heat or electricity, while the steel will begin its second life cycle.

The many advantages of our folding boxes are the result of nearly 60 years of design and manufacturing know-how. Our wide range is designed for the chemical, metallurgical, defense and army market, the mechanical industry, etc. Differentiation, sustainable development and optimization are our key words when it comes to improving logistics loops.

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