Recently, we explained why the phytosanitary norm ISPM 15 is important for the environment and which regulations it depends on. From a commercial point of view, it should be noted that this standard, which concerns pallets as well as raw wood packaging with a thickness over 6 mm, is essential for export.

Our plywood folding boxes meet the ISPM15 standard, and can be shipped all over the world. Here are some important details to know about the current regulations.

To which materials does the ISPM 15 apply?

The ISPM 15 standard applies to solid wood packaging articles and accessories with a thickness of more than 6 mm: pallets, boxes, pallet collars and inner packaging, etc. They must undergo a high temperature heat treatment: they are heated to 56° core temperature for a period of thirty minutes. Debarking of the wood is mandatory. On the other hand, manufactured woods such as plywood, OSB, particleboard and chipboard are not affected by these treatments. This is because they are heated under high temperature during their manufacture.

Which import countries are concerned?

To date, the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) has more than 180 countries that are signatories to the phytosanitary treaty. This means that these countries can apply the phytosanitary requirements of this standard to imports. As for the European Union, as far as trade between member countries is concerned, wood packaging does not have to comply with ISPM 15, except in the case of exceptions such as Spain and Portugal. On the other hand, they have this obligation for trade with countries outside the EU. Thus, as a consequence of the Brexit, on 1 January 2021, the United Kingdom will have to comply for its trade with the countries of the European Union.

Our requirements and practices

In theory, boxes that are made only of plywood do not have to carry the ISPM 15 logo. If the boxes contain wood (pallets, lids or reinforcements), this wood is heat treated. Therefore, in order for boxes made from these components to be shipped anywhere, they must be marked with the ISPM15 logo. We strictly follow the instructions for the application of this logo, which must be :

  • legible on 2 opposite sides
  • indelible and non-transferable
  • placed on a visible spot when the packaging is used

Do you export products outside the European Union? Rely on our services which will guarantee you the packaging best adapted to your product, in complete safety and conformity. We guarantee the ISPM15 standard on all our folding boxes and we deliver you a certificate of conformity.

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