Health and safety are an integral part of NO-NAIL BOXES’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach. For many years, the company has had in place a series of measures for effectively managing workplace health and safety. A policy that improves not only employee working conditions, but productivity and, above all, product quality!

“We want our staff to work safely. We are implementing measures such as appointing, as required by law, a safety officer. Their mandate is to provide workplace health and safety information, conduct risk assessments and introduce the measures needed to eradicate potential sources of danger. On a regular basis, we hold various health-oriented training and information sessions (noise, backache, etc.) for our employees”, explained Director Michèle Detaille.

Two tangible improvements

NO-NAIL BOXES: When quality goes hand in hand with safetyIn February, a bridge crane was installed in the NO-NAIL BOXES’s pallet zone. Its purpose is to make it easier for the operators in this zone to work, especially when it involves handling heavy or cumbersome pallets.

On the assembly machine for our ISIBOX folding boxes (photo opposite), the maintenance unit has perfected the existing safety system to ensure maximum employee integrity. The operator must now press a safety button to allow their co-worker to operate the press. A camera has also been added. As such, the employee operating the press will have a clear view of their co-worker.

A policy that has been rewarded

SiSince 2014, these provisions have earned NO-NAIL BOXES “Sécher & Gesond mat System” certificationnce 2014, these provisions have earned NO-NAIL BOXES “Sécher & Gesond mat System” certification. This label was renewed this year! Issued by the Association d’assurance accident (AAA) [Accident Insurance Association], this label undergoes partial reassessment every year and total reassessment every 3 years.

All ALIPA Group companies based in Wiltz are now “Sécher & Gesond mat System” certified: CODIPRO, LIFTEUROP and AllPack Services.

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