France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, etc. NO-NAIL BOXES are sold throughout Europe. To ensure these sales, our sales department works non-stop. Today, the department employs six people. Who are they? What do they do? Let’s discover this department!

NO-NAIL BOXES’ business strategy

NO-NAIL BOXES aims to be the supplier of collapsible plywood boxes designed and made to measure for our clients. This best guarantees the integrity of the packaged products as well as personal safety. Of the 300,000 boxes that are produced each year, almost 90% of the boxes are custom-made, according to the particular requirements of our customers. This is why the NO-NAIL BOXES sales department is in permanent contact with our end customer. “It is important to know who our clients are. This is why our external salespeople regularly visit our customers. We also invite our customers to visit our facilities in Wiltz to learn about our production preocess”, explains Boris Remy, Sales Director at NO-NAIL BOXES.

Michèle Detaille, Managing Director of the ALIPA Group, and Boris Remy, Sales Director jointly establish the commercial policy to be followed. The sales goal of NO-NAIL BOXES could be summed up in a phrase dear to Ms Detaille: “To sell plywood folding boxes for the mass production industry”.

The department’s structure

The markets are divided according to geographical and linguistic criteria.

  • Boris Remy: Western France and Wallonia
  • Michael Franzen: Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Flanders
  • Sophie Guillaume: France and Wallonia
  • Denise Desenfants: Germany and Luxembourg
  • Britt Schouten: Netherlands and Flanders
  • Guillaume Houba: East of France and Export

The department is made up of several salespeople who are fluent in the languages spoken in the countries with which they work. If a sales person works with the German market, German must be their mother tongue.

The department is also divided into external and internal sales people. “This is not strictly a division, it is really a question of teamwork: we work in pairs. When our external sales people are travelling, the internal ones are always here to provide support. That’s how we manage to deliver a quality service to our customers. We provide a very quick response: within 24 hours, sometimes 48 hours”, says Boris Remy.

Customer service and consulting, language skills, a business approach, etc. – this department holds all the keys for NO-NAIL BOXES to continue to prosper.

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