Recently, we have communicated our customer engagement, which is our top priority.

This form of exemplarity that we aim for in our business relations, we also strive to apply it internally. Indeed, one of the best ways to promote a company’s values is still to embody them.

The well-being of our employees at work depends primarily on their physical and psychological health and safety. It is a prerequisite, a moral imperative to our personnel management policy that goes far beyond these obligations.

A healthy and respected company is a company whose external communication is in line with its internal practices. We are continuously monitoring this, especially on the basis of our CSR commitments. Here is an overview of how the values we stand for at No-Nail Boxes are expressed.

An eco-responsible approach

We manufacture and supply responsible packaging solutions primarily because we also encourage an ecological management in-house. For several years now, No-Nail Boxes has implemented a series of measures to encourage its employees to adopt an eco-responsible approach, which also have a beneficial effect on well-being at work:

  • steel recovery and optimization of wood and plywood scrap to reduce the use of raw materials;
  • new office organization with more flexibility and new working manners, which optimizes the management of space within the establishment;
  • Staff members are invited to do carpooling;
  • setting up local offices to reduce transport time and the carbon footprint;
  • a reasoned mix between face-to-face meetings and videoconferences to optimize sales team travellings;
  • prevention, management and reduction of waste with the obtaining of the Luxembourgish Label “SuperDrecksKëscht fir Betriber”;
  • replacement of all lighting in the workshop by LEDs, allowing both better lighting and lower electricity consumption.

These commitments are a source of both responsibility and pride for our teams, who also benefit, in terms of quality of life at work, from some of their combined effects.

Well-being at work: our engagement

In addition to the eco-responsible approach, which is an integral part of our overall SRC approach, we also take into account the social dimension in the work environment. The prevention of ill-being at work, often generated by drudgery and/or stress, which can be aggravating factors, is an unavoidable part of good corporate governance.

It’s all about making our employees feel good. Therefore, the management first of all listens to the staff. Based on requests and suggestions, we adjust the working conditions as far as they are feasible and profitable for the company.

Our objective is, beyond our concern to establish a real quality of life at work, to attach quality, competent and motivated employees who are happy within the company. This is why we have set up several facilities:

  • flexible working hours for office staff, with the possibility of spreading their 40-hour working weeks between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m.
  • differently organized workplaces: two new open spaces have recently been created, with specific areas dedicated to quick-meetings and phone calls.
  • improved posture: we have replaced office chairs with more ergonomic models, and new height-adjustable desks will soon be installed.
  • a healthy break: water fountains and fruit baskets are available to staff.

We will continue to pursue these current commitments and will, of course, continue to improve them as part of our overall CSR policy. Because well-being at work is a rather difficult concept to define. It is a general and subjective perception of the working environment by employees at a given time. However, well-being at work is a result that involves actions and implications on the part of both managers and employees. It is therefore an effort to be supported continuously and requires listening and agility, values that are also dear to our company.

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