Recent studies, carried out in particular with future graduates, have shown that today, choosing to work for a company is not only motivated by the salary, the working conditions and the missions of the desired position. Adherence to the company’s values, prospects for development, flexibility and autonomy are also determining factors for the future employee. This set of parameters constitutes what is known as the employer brand and the candidate must be able to feel in phase with this set of practices and factors linked to the company’s culture.

At Alipa Group, a specialist in lifting and industrial packaging, of which No-Nail Boxes is a member along with 5 other companies, respect is our main value and is therefore the pillar of our way of working. This is an opportunity to go back over our values and what makes up our employer brand and to explain why you should work at No-Nail Boxes.

Respect is our main value

Working at No-Nail Boxes means adhering to our global policy, which is defined around these 6 fundamental axes :

  • Respect for the customer
  • Respect for colleagues, their cultural identity and their physical integrity
  • Respect for authority
  • Respect for the equipment and facilities provided
  • Respect for standards and certifications
  • Respect for the environment

Our daily practices, both in customer and employee relations, as well as the labels and certifications linked to our work environment are based on these strategic axes.

Working at No-Nail Boxes, and more generally in one of the 6 companies of the Alipa Group, is a guarantee of working in an ethical and socially responsible company, concerned with the preservation of the environment, the physical and moral integrity of people, equal treatment, respect for the private life of its employees and quality of life at work. Since 2011, our companies have been CSR certified by the National Institute for Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility (INDR), with guarantees in the economic, societal, social, safety and environmental fields. No-Nail Boxes is also a member of the Global Compact, the world’s largest social responsibility initiative. It is committed to integrating and promoting several principles relating to human rights, international labour standards, environmental protection and the fight against corruption.

But beyond these fundamental commitments, how do our employees live their daily life at the company?

Life at No-Nail Boxes

Every six months, Alipa Group publishes its internal newspaper, which is distributed to all the group’s employees. It is an inter-company newspaper which highlights new products, the group’s successes, initiatives, departments and news. Every six months, a small cultural section highlights a national tradition or a news item concerning Luxembourg, the country where the group is based. Many of our employees are cross-border commuters, mainly from Belgium, and that interculturality is also a specificity of the company. Over the last few months, Michèle Detaille, our managing director, has regularly highlighted in her editorial the group’s commitments in terms of reinforced security in the management of the health crisis risks. This management has obviously favoured, where possible, the implementation of home office and staff rotation. These adaptations were not too difficult for the group, which has been engaged since June 2019 in a workplace flexibility programme designed to improve the daily life and working conditions of its employees. This is an initiative taken as part of a global programme for well-being at work, which promotes an eco-responsible approach as well as a policy of preventing psychosocial and even postural risks in the context of employees’ activities.

Furthermore, working at No-Nail Boxes and more generally within Alipa Group means being part of a large family where, when the health conditions are favourable, moments of conviviality are regularly organised: breakfasts, end-of-year meals, etc. But beyond the festive moments, the employees also benefit from training and initiatives of general interest. Recently, a major spring cleaning of the interior and exterior of the buildings was organised, in which many employees participated on a voluntary basis. As safety in an industrial environment is of paramount importance, our staff is regularly trained in specific professional skills (training in the use of forklift trucks) as well as in general interest skills such as the use of a heart defibrillator for example.

Working at No-Nail Boxes means becoming a responsible employee in a responsible company. It means joining a major player in the packaging industry in a company on a human scale and where human values, like its managing director Michèle Detaille, are at the heart of the business.

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