Since our foundation, our customer engagement as a manufacturer of plywood folding boxes has been to provide packaging that is perfectly adapted to our customers’ needs. We work with many different industries and the diversity of our solutions, the different storage and transport modalities as well as the export regulations for the different countries and transported goods explain the wide range of our offer. We are aware of this reality which offers so many possibilities and are therefore committed to helping our customers choose the most suitable packaging for their needs, thanks to several tools that we will detail below.

Technical data sheets

Our technical data sheets are available either by model or by target industry and are indispensable for our clients’ purchase department. They are updated regularly and contain technical information about each box: pallet type, walls, cover and closure system. In addition to these dimensions, materials and other specifications, the advantages of the product and the optimal context in which it can be used are also described. Thus, we have at our customers’ disposal technical data sheets on the CLIP BOX, EXBOX, RIBOX, EXBOX and ISIBOX models. We also have supports dedicated to specific and sensitive sectors of activity, such as the army and the defense sector. Finally, to guarantee the reliability of our products, we also provide our customers with data sheets about the phytosanitary standards in force (ISPM 15) or about our different labels and certifications. This is to guarantee safety, relevance, confidence and transparency.

Tutorial videos about the box assembly

The technical data sheets are a starting point and a classic way of “training” our customers in our products. But for the more operational aspect, i.e. the assembly of our folding boxes, we have produced short assembly videos. These videos are made on our premises with our team members and show how the boxes can be assembled easily and safely.

Specifications for specific boxes

Specific boxes, in particular the approved boxes for transporting dangerous goods and categorized according to a specific UN nomenclature, must scrupulously respect the specifications in force. These boxes must be marked according to the UN codifications, with the regulatory codes. They have previously been subjected to stacking and drop tests by approved laboratories, guaranteeing their approval. In order to help our customers with this type of request, our design office provides them with a grid for the specifications to be completed according to their need. And of course, we are at the disposal of our customers to assist them in their procedures.

A team at your disposal

Customer relationship is first and foremost a human relationship and for No-Nail Boxes. It is an aspect we particularly care about. Our team of technical sales engineers is available to guide customers towards the most suitable and well thought-out choices. Our specialists visit the customer to analyze the products and the environment in order to be able to respond to his needs.

We are once again participating in international fairs such as the Global Industrie and the leading packaging week in Paris. These are essential events to meet our customers and future customers, to whom we present our know-how, products and new products.

From the simple technical data sheet to the assembly video, via our physical presence at our customers premises, we are committed to offering more than products, more than service, but also a real human proximity. We realize this with individual consulting, through contact persons who are there for the customer throughout the entire customer experience, and this in an era of robots, AI and the all-web.

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